About FIR Sauna

11922057_10204945778060760_51544505_n Far-infrared rays refer to a certain type of infrared ray emitted by the sun.

Far-infrared rays are a form of thermal energy, which means that we experience these rays in the form of heat.

FIR energy from the sun is absorbed by the cells in our body, causing a physical phenomenon called “resonance”.

When the FIR rays vibrate at the same frequency as that of the human body, it is believed that our cells become activated, thus improving blood circulation.

This enables our red blood cells to carry more oxygen and nutrients to all the parts of our body.

This is the same principle applied in the use of infrared treatment for sprains and strains, as the increased blood flow to the injury site accelerates healing and relieves pain.

Why are we better than Conventional Sauna?
Comparison Energy saving FIR Wellness sauna cabin Conventional sauna
Material used Hemlock wood- Hemlock has been used by making sauna few hundred years ago and our cabin is upgraded in our warehouse in Subang Commonly used wood are Red Cedar or hemlock wood and as for Pines wood some of the reports by researcher has not been favorable
Technology  But in recent years, a technology known as far infrared has been used to replace the traditional steam sauna with infrared saunas, the technology was from Japan. Finnish
Heat source Ceramic/ Carbon heaters with far infrared- long waves Electric stove element ( Near infrared –short waves ) or steam
Pre-heating  Energy Saving – heating object directly takes 2 to 5 minutes to heat up 30 to 90 minutes to heat up a room – takes up more energy
Heat transmission  Gentle and soft Far infrared waves emitted  Harsh and humid hot air  only
Maintenance Easy

No Plumbing or Drains required

Temperature 110-130f More than 180f
Dry Sauna – water is not used , this eliminate the problem of bacterial built up Water is used – get moldy and bacterial built up
Electric power 1 kw – 2 kw 3 kw – 4 kw
Digital controller Yes, and temperature is preset to your desired temperature No controller
Sweat analysis Penetrates deeply 1.5” – 2 to 3 times more sweat ( effective detoxification )

Sweat contain more toxin 80% water and 20% toxin

Surface perspiration – sweat contain less toxin 97% water and 3% toxin
Operation Operate at cooler air temperature, easy to breath Operate at higher temperature, difficulty to breath
Fresh air circulation Yes No
Oxygen level Increases Decreases
Buyers and targeted market ·         Medical Clinics:  Doctors, physiotherapist,

·         New house buyers: replacing the conventional sauna

·         Developers : For E-co projects, boosting up sales for new projects   especially for medium cost apartments or houses – is a prestige to own a sauna at home, cost cutting for developers who wish to install conventional sauna and  to promote a healthy environment

·         Wellness Centers- create extra business value

·         Massage centers – create extra business value

·         Fitness Center – create a pain free exercise program for the beginners

·         Holiday resort or a medical resort- works well as a medical spa.

·         Elderly people – to replace exercise

·         Medically unfit- needs to boost up blood circulation

·         Health conscious individual – for well being and to detoxify

Clubs, fitness center and bungalow owners
Installation Comfortable, convenient and portable, fits in any room, assemble within 30 minutes if you move to a new home, take it with you! Permanent fixtures with plumbing and has to be done by a tradesmen
Benefits : A natural healing and relief  without drugs
A 30 minutes burnt 600 calories

Pain relief, detoxification, improve blood circulation, enhance oxygen level, weight loss, replaced exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol problem, water retention , general well being  and those that are unable to exercise

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Price (RM) Economical Very high



  • RM 300 for 10 sessions 11910885_10204945729619549_55218635_n

Carbon session

  • RM 390 for 10 sessions 3


RM480/2 session
  • 11909642_982802931742109_1285112251_n

Voucher Package 1

  • promotion items Glass Bottle (RM38) + Ceramic voucher (RM35)

Voucher Package 2

  • promotion items            Natural ease spray + Bincho voucher (RM88)